Universal Push Button Operated Monopod Selfie Stick

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Brand: xtra-funky

Model: Selfie Stick

Available Colours: Available in different colours


Its always hard getting that perfect selfie shot but with this all-in-one selfie stick it can be done in a few simple steps. Extendable pole upto 80cm, phone clamp adjusts to fit devices between 5.4 – 9cm wide and has a soft foam base to cushion the device when the clamp is closed over your device. Simply plug the lead into the headphone port of your device and you are then ready to go and take amazing pictures by simply pressing the button on the hand grip of the pole (Please note: On some device settings may need to be adjusted to allow control with the button operation). Need to take a picture from further away or fit more people in the frame? well you can extend the length of the stick 80cm so no one will need to be cut from the picture.